Caribbean Makers is an online platform that offers global visibility and access to the Caribbean Region. Caribbean Makers has a unique overview of products, brands, artists, experiences and stories from the Caribbean, which are locally made or inspired by the Caribbean. A new online marketplace which primarily focuses on displaying and selling merchandise produced in the Caribbean. We are an inclusive platform and welcome all islands around the Caribbean to join. We aim for quality and value all product types and art forms. Which is why everything on the platform is curated and you will see products ranging from ceramics, jewelry, apparel, art paintings and more on our platform.

Our goal is to support Caribbean creative entrepreneurs, artists, crafts wo/men, designers, brands who are busy creating amazing products. We aim to support you with a centralized platform where all islands and the products produced come together on display for the world to admire and purchase. A lot of effort will go into marketing, visibility and creating sales for everyone on the platform. By joining forces & collaborating we learn from each other and can reach a larger audience. We are interested in the story behind your brand and want to share this with others. We welcome those who believe in our vision and dare to start this journey with us.

Everybody who is interested can reach out to Caribbeanmakers. After making an account our team will be curating the requests and products to make sure it fits with our quality standard and fulfills all the requirements. When you have successfully registered for a vendor account, you will be further informed about the next steps.

It is free to create a vendor account and to start displaying and selling products from your shop on our platform. Once a sale is made we do charge a commission fee, which already includes transaction and processing fees.

If you made a purchase then you have a “user” account. You need to sign up for a vendor account.
When you are logged in as a user you can sign up for a vendor account by selecting the check box “become a vendor”.

When a shopper orders a product on the platform, you will be notified by e-mail.

The basic idea is that you/the vendor display your products on our platform, which monitors your online stock. Customers visit the platform, see your products and make a purchase. You will be notified by mail of the purchase and need to take care of shipment fulfilment of product(s) with our partner DHL Express. We provide chat and mail support throughout this process.



The shopper pays Caribbean Makers; Caribbean Makers pays the vendors at the beginning of each month.


We have partnered with DHL for shipments, which means that there is a possibility for pick-up.
You only need to package the product adequately/properly especially if fragile and be available for scheduled pick up.



Still have questions? Please contact us at vendors@caribbeanmakers.com