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Caribbean Pouch Gift Box

This special assortment of products is proudly curated for you by Caribbean Makers.
With the Healthy Gift Box you receive 4 original items.
Skin Care items and a pouch, treat your skin with smooth and healthy shower gels and nutmeg cream.

4 Brands:
CurAloe • Immortelle • KAKO • Tangerine 
4 Islands:
Aruba • Curaçao • St. Lucia • Trinidad & Tobago 

Price: $99

Caribbean Pouch
Size: 16 X 26 cm (height and width)
Brand: Tangerine
Island: Aruba

Multifunctional pouch that comes in various colors, featuring a two- color design.
Can be used as make up pouch or toiletry bag.
Zip and stitches, colour can vary.

Nutmeg body cream
Size: 2 oz
Brand: KAKO
Island: St. Lucia
Ingredients: raw bee wax,vrigin coconut oil, grapeseed oil, vitamins E, infused nutmeg oil.

This Nutmeg body cream is perfect for rehydrating and natural glow.
Natural moisturizers are more eco-friendly, avoid chemical irritation, have fewer side effects and are gentler on the skin.

CurAloe  Shower Gel
Size: 250ml / 8.4 fl oz
Brand: CurAloe
Island: Curaçao

The CurAloe Shower Gel is a unisex foaming gel based on Aloe Vera extracts which will nourish, soothe and clean your skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day.
No parabens nor animal derived ingredients are added to this product.

Immortelle Shower Gel
Size: 8 oz
Brand: Immortelle
Island: Trinidad & Tobago
Fragrance: Tea + Thyme – Clean White Tea + Spicy Ginger and Nutmeg + Fresh Thyme and Mimosa

An innovative moisturizing body wash formula which leaves skin soft and pampered.
Immortelle makes Bath and Body products which give access to an aspirational Caribbean lifestyle.

Note: Prices exclude OB. Items are subject to be substituted depending on availability. 

Island: Aruba, Curacao, St Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago
Sold by : Caribbean Maker

This special assortment of products is put together with love and care for you by Caribbean Makers.

Caribbean Makers curates and brings together all types of unique products made, inspired and designed in the Caribbean region. Most products are sold by the respective vendor brands, but in some cases a special assortment of products is put together with love and care for you by Caribbean Makers.