Vendor Terms & Conditions

Last Update:Oct 1, 2018

The term vendor is used to refer to all users that create a vendor account where one can upload, display and sell physical or non-physical products. All conditions described below apply even though the selling & shipping functionality might not be fully automated in the start up phase of the platform. In order to have a Vendor account, you automatically also have a “user account” on our platform, which can be used for the purchase of goods on our platform. Please review the User Terms of Use for details regarding general usage of your user account.

Becoming a Vendor

In order to become a vendor on you must agree to the General Terms of Use and comply with these vendor terms & conditions and guideline.

There are two types of vendors: vendors of physical of products or of experiences (non-physical products). Alternatively, you can also be a vendor that sells physical products as well as experiences.

The prerequisites for becoming a vendor are as follows. Anyone who is based in the Caribbean region and creates handmade products can sign up to become a vendor. Examples of products that can be displayed are: jewelry & accessories, food & beverages, art, apparel & fashion, skin care, unique items & gifts. If you have a doubt about your product fit please send us a mail at and we will get back to you.

If you are not the direct owner of the product, but you act as an agent/distributor you can also become vendor, but with the consent of the product owners. Otherwise, you may not pretend to be the creator or designer of a product that you do not own the rights to. Please send us a mail at and we will get back to you.

To become a vendor of experiences, the main requirement is that you are based in the Caribbean. Our aim is to provide unique experiences that are difficult to come by. Some examples include, but are not limited to, experiences that have a connection with nature, art & culture, adventure.

The examples given here are not exhaustive and Caribbean Makers B.V. / LLC reserves the right to assess whether each product and experience is a fit for the platform.

Caribbean Makers is a curated platform, which means that all vendors and their products or experience are approved before it is published online. We are inclusive and welcome all types of vendors, regardless of Caribbean origin or connection. However, we assess at our discretion whether each applicant vendor fits on the Caribbean Makers platform. A reason for rejection could for example be that your product has no connection with the Caribbean region or is not locally made or originally made or designed by you. Additionally, it is not permitted to sell animals, weapons, pornographic material or other materials that are in violation of the terms of use. Caribbean Makers B.V. / LLC reserves the right to remove items and experiences that do not comply with the Caribbean Makers B.V. / LLC terms and conditions.

Vendor Account

Each user who creates an account is responsible for the security of the account. For vendor accounts it is also the users responsibility to keep the profile information accurate and up-to-date. Your identity should be clear and truthful.

Product Display

Since visibility is very important on our platform, visitors have the choice to view a wide selection of products and experiences on display from different islands, it is imperative that the images on the platform are of high quality. You can request the Vendor Guideline by mailing us at The minimum selling price for products displayed is $25.

Product Description

When having a vendor account and uploading products or experiences you need to have a proper and accurate description of the product or experience. The vendor is responsible for the product information, and any other information relating to this such as price. To give the visitors on the platform an honest and accurate impression of the product or experience please provide detailed descriptions and illustrate what is unique about your product or experience.

Terms for Displaying & Selling on

In order to become a vendor on you must register for a vendor account. After registration this will be assessed for approval by the Caribbean Makers B.V. / LLC team. In cooperation with Caribbean Makers, the vendors determine the prices stated on the platform of the products and experiences. Caribbean Makers reserves the right to charge a fee for the ability to display on the platform and for the service and possibility to make sales directly on the platform. Caribbean Makers charges a commission fee (20%) on the total sales amount – unless agreed otherwise -, which is determined at the discretion of Caribbean Makers B.V. / LLC and is subject to change. Caribbean Makers facilitates the payment between buyer and vendor and takes any transaction cost for its account. After shipment of items or purchase of experience, Caribbean Makers B.V. / LLC holds the transaction value for 30 days after which the vendor earnings are transferred. 

As a vendor you are in your right to use other platforms to display and sell your products or experience, however, we do ask you to consider the effort Caribbean Makers B.V. / LLC makes for your products and experiences to get to the attention of a niche target group of visitors that are interested in unique Caribbean made products and experiences. It is encouraged that you push your customers towards the platform where your products are displayed. We focus and invest heavily in the promotion of each participating brand on our platform and as a result do not allow promotion of other websites or platforms through our Caribbean Makers platform. Additionally, it is not permitted to use links to other websites where your products might be sold.

Caribbean Makers B.V. / LLC is not liable or otherwise responsible for reporting any taxable earnings, which is made by the vendor. It is recommend that you investigate and comply with the rules of taxable income in your respective location of residence.